Certified Calico Operator: AWS Expert

Learn Kubernetes networking and security using Calico on AWS

  Deploying Kubernetes in Amazon AWS is a common goal for deploying and managing container-based applications at scale in the cloud. Calico is the most popular open-source networking and security solution for Kubernetes. This course will help you understand several options for deploying Kubernetes in AWS, and also examine how the default AWS networking works. It will also describe how to configure and manage Calico in AWS, and how to secure your AWS Kubernetes cluster.

What the Course Covers

  • Week 1
    • Get Started with AWS Networking
    • Kubernetes Cluster Options in AWS
    • Kubernetes Networking Options in AWS
    • Kubernetes Network Security in AWS
    • Exposing Services Outside the Cluster
    • Lab Setup
  • Week 2
    • EKS Deployment Overview
    • EKS Lab with AWS-CNI
    • Securing a demo application with Calico Policy
    • Deploying an Elastic Load Balancer
  • Week 3
    • The AWS CNI with Calico eBPF
    • Deploying EKS with Calico eBPF
    • Deploying a demo application with eBPF
    • Deploying EKS with Calico CNI
    • IP Address Allocation Review
    • Enabling Encryption
  • Week 4
    • Self-Managed Installation Options
    • kOps Overview
    • kOps with Calico CNI
    • Using an Application Load Balancer
    • Deploying Istio
    • Deploying Calico Application Layer Policy with Istio

Not quite ready to get certified? 

Learn more about Kubernetes Networking in this newly released eBook written by Alex Pollitt, CTO and Co-Founder of Tigera and Co-Creator of Project Calico. The eBook shares everything you need to confidently approach Kubernetes networking and security, starting with basic networking concepts, all the way through to advanced Kubernetes networking with eBPF.   Access the eBook here
Course Information
  • Category: General
  • Type: Self-paced
  • Start Date: Jan 01, 2021
Course Instructor