Certified Calico Operator: Azure Expert

This course includes 4 weeks of videos, reading material, and hands-on labs. It starts with an introduction to the Azure cloud platform in relation to Kubernetes, and continues with deploying a self-managed cluster inside Azure and refreshing some necessary concepts from our CCO-L1 course on Kubernetes networking and security.

By the end of this course, students will know more about Azure and Calico integrations. In addition, everyone who participates in the labs will gain first-hand experience in building cloud solutions with Calico in Azure, and will have the chance to explore some of the Calico features.

During the CCO-L2 Calico Azure course, you will:

  • learn to deploy a cluster built from scratch inside Azure
  • learn about self-managed cluster concepts and see how the resources used to create a DIY cluster can be repurposed to form such a cluster
  • learn about managed clusters and Azure-CNI, and explore the advantages that Calico offers if deployed in such a scenario
  • use all the knowledge you gain to test out most of the available Calico features

Target Audience

This is a level 2 course, so it assumes the learner is familiar with Calico, and has already completed the CCO-L1 course. If not, consider doing that first. You can learn more here.

Whether you have little to no experience with cloud concepts, have entry-level DevOps and engineering experience, are keen to learn more about Azure or are already an Azure expert looking for a cloud networking and security solution, you will benefit from this course.

What the Course Covers

  • Week 1
    • Introduction
    • Get Started With Azure Networking
    • Kubernetes Cluster Options in Azure
    • Kubernetes Networking Options in Azure
    • Kubernetes Network Security in Azure
    • Exposing Services Outside the Cluster
    • Lab setup
    • Knowledge Check
  • Week 2
    • Introduction
    • Deploying AKS kubenet with Calico
    • YaoBank Deployment
    • Cluster Security
    • Lab Cleanup
    • Knowledge Check
  • Week 3
    • AKS Deployment Azure-CNI with Calico CNI
    • Node operations
    • Enable Encryption (WireGuard)
    • Multiplatform setup
    • Securing Windows Workloads
    • Lab Cleanup
    • AKS Bring Your Own CNI
    • YaoBank Deployment
    • Calico eBPF dataplane
    • Lab Cleanup
    • Knowledge Check
  • Week 4
    • Self-Managed Cluster Deployment with Calico
    • Calico Installation and Configurations
    • Upgrading Calico
    • Istio Integration
    • Lab Cleanup
    • Knowledge Check
  • Final Exam
    • Final Exam Introduction
    • Final Exam

Not quite ready to get certified? 

Learn more about Kubernetes networking on Azure on Project Calico YouTube channel, or take a peek at our O’Reilly eBook on Kubernetes security and observability. This book will help you understand why cloud-native applications require a modern approach to security and observability practices, and how to adopt a holistic security and observability strategy for building and securing cloud-native applications running on Kubernetes.

Access the eBook here

Course Information
  • Category: General
  • Type: Self-paced
  • Start Date: Apr 10, 2022
Course Instructor